Useful Forms

This section allows you to select and download a number of useful forms relating to Housing Benefits

Benefit Calculator and Claim


If you live in the Gateshead Council area, you can use this application to see how much help/money you could receive towards your rent and council tax.

You may be eligible for help towards your:-

  • rent if you are renting your home and not receiving universal credit
  • council tax if you are the responsible person for paying council tax for the home you live in

Making a claim

You need to make a claim for:-

  • housing benefit if you are not in receipt of universal credit or if you are in receipt of universal credit but living in supported accommodation, a refuge, a council hostel or have been placed in temporary accommodation by the council because you are homeless
  • council tax support even if you are in receipt of universal credit
  • to find out if you need to apply for universal credit

The application process is in two parts, the first calculates your approximate entitlement and the second part allows you to make a claim.

Start a new calculation or claim

Return to a calculation or claim you have saved

Universal Credit

Go to the council's universal credit page to find out if you should apply for universal credit.

Universal Credit page

Welfare Reform

Benefit Cap - the calculation you are making may be subject to change if you are affected by the benefit cap. This means that the amount of housing benefit you have been quoted will be reduced.

Universal Credit - if you are in receipt of universal credit and are paying rent, you will receive money for housing costs within your universal credit award. The exception to this is those who are living in temporary accommodation or supported accommodation and those who are eligible for a severe disability premium and do not already get Universal Credit. If you are unsure whether any of these apply to you, please contact the Benefits section on 0191 433 4646.

Please note that housing benefit and council tax support are usually paid from the Monday following the date of claim. Therefore you need to submit your claim as soon as possible as failing to do so may mean you will lose out on benefits you are entitled to. You should submit your claim even if you are waiting to hear the outcome of your jobcentre or DWP benefit decision.